This blog is intended to help me deal with the issues I am facing with IF(infertility). I release a lot of stress while writing. My hope is that others dealing with IF or trying to get pregnant will be able to read this as well and be able to relate or heck, make you feel better about yourself and your issues. Warning: This blog may contain strong language that may be not suitable for children and easily offended people. With that being said read at your own risk:) You've been warned!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A new beginning

I don't even know if anyone is still following me but.. I have decided to give blogging another chance. I don't know where I left of so I will give a quick recap. We have not done anymore treatment since January. I have undergone many tests to rule out weak eggs, immature eggs and the like. Everything came back okie dokie. Our RE said that she is not worried about the Hubs swimmers counts. So we decided to try on our own for awhile. We have know come to the conclusion that it is not possible for us to get pregnant on our own and we need medical intervention. We are doing an unmedicated IUI this month. Which means no fake hormones being pumped into me. Which is awesome because I am unbearable to be around.

It has been a long and trying ( pun intended) couple of months. Many of my friends have gotten pregnant or have given birth. In 2 months alone, 3 of my closest friends have had babies. My bestie, Mrs. F is with child. Sigh... I still love A and am not upset at all, I am thrilled for you and J and E but I am uber jealz of you!

There must be an end in sight!

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