This blog is intended to help me deal with the issues I am facing with IF(infertility). I release a lot of stress while writing. My hope is that others dealing with IF or trying to get pregnant will be able to read this as well and be able to relate or heck, make you feel better about yourself and your issues. Warning: This blog may contain strong language that may be not suitable for children and easily offended people. With that being said read at your own risk:) You've been warned!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's on like Donkey Kong!

We met with our RE today. She explained our next steps. We are going to be heading to IUI next cycle. After talking to her I am getting very hopeful that this is it! On cycle day 3 I will start taking Clomid-50mg. until day 7. On day 12 I will go in for a trans vag ultrasound to check the follicle growth. Once she sees they are about 2 cm I will trigger or get a shot of Pregnyl ( funny side note about Pregnyl, it is infused with pee from pregnant women). 12 hours after the trigger hubs will have to give a fresh semen sample which will be process and all the good spermies will be separated and prepared for insemination. About an hour later I will go into the clinic and they will "inseminate me". If you think about this, it is really not fair. I mean hubs gets to have "pleasure by way of masturbation" and I get a thin catheter shoved up there:) Dr. L believes we have an excellent chance of conceiving with IUI. FINGERS crossed.

P.S.-Wouldn't it be a kicker if I ended up pregnant with this month's Hail Mary????


  1. Best of luck you during this cycle! Ill keep my fingers crossed for you and your hubby!

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