This blog is intended to help me deal with the issues I am facing with IF(infertility). I release a lot of stress while writing. My hope is that others dealing with IF or trying to get pregnant will be able to read this as well and be able to relate or heck, make you feel better about yourself and your issues. Warning: This blog may contain strong language that may be not suitable for children and easily offended people. With that being said read at your own risk:) You've been warned!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Yep, that is the only word I can use to describe my ability to blog. My goal for October will be to update this damn thing once a week! Promise........ To get y'all up to date. IUI 1 was a fail. Started Femara last weekend, finished it up on Thursday. Will go in on Tuesday for a follie scan. Feeling kind of good about this cycle for some reason or it could be the couple of beers that I have consumed because tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY..... I usually am a birthday whore, I love my birthday, but this year I am not excited because I orignally planned to be a mom by now. :::Sigh::: On a side note, I got a fabulous purse from my mother today! I love it! Pictures hopefully tomorrow!

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